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Jacobs KR├ľNUNG


We didn't call it 'the crowning' for no reason. Celebrated since 1966, Jacobs Krönung is our signature blend. Known for that irresistable aroma that has been making people's mornings special for over 50 years. This classic roasted coffee is just right for lovers of balanced and aromatic coffee.



Sourcing for better

We're proudly part of JDE Peet’s Common Grounds initiative. Taking care to source our beans responsibly whilst helping farmers and communities in coffee-growing regions thrive.


Coffee Appreciation

Go beyond the cup, With every cup.

As one of of life's most simple pleasures, drinking coffee is one of the most complex taste experiences in the world. Here are some ways to take your daily cup to another level.




“Coffee's aroma awakens the spirit. Aroma is more than just a mark of high quality. Aroma is the key that unlocks the magic of coffee.”